With Great Pleasure
 The Ocala Scottish Rite gives you
"The Masonic Ring"
Song By Howie Damron

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Hiram's Call
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"My friend Howie is a great Person and Great and Caring Mason"
sign: Danny Hammers (web master)

Howie Damron, singer/songwriter from Chesapeake, Ohio,


To all Brother Masons:
It's not hard to recognize that humanity needs moral and ethical leaders who are not afraid to stand and voice their opinions on what's right and what's wrong in today's society. I believe that all Masons everywhere should accept this challenge with pride, remembering our oath and obligations, for we have been duly and truly prepared to do so. In 2 decades as an entertainer I have had the opportunity to meet other traveling Brothers and I visit Lodges all over the country. It has been an honor to have written and performed the song "The Masonic Ring" for so great a fraternity of Brotherhood. There's no greater feeling after performing this song than to have large numbers of people say, "How can I become a Mason?" or to have a Brother say, "I'm a Mason, try me."
I asked the Grand Architect of the Universe to give me the words and the wisdom to be able to take up the pen so that I may speak to and from the hearts of all Brothers and listeners through the lyrics of "The Masonic Ring".
Let us be the friend to all that we would hope to find ourselves.
Fraternally yours,
Brother Howie Damron